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Sandrine Prevot

Consumers Research

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A strategic vision

“Corporations live or die by their connection to culture”. Grant McCraken.

Your needs

Understanding your french market

Test the relevance of your product or service and maximize its adoption.

Identify expectations, understand the imaginary brakes and areas of innovation.

Assess your image, identify the elements that move and inspire.

Understanding your international markets, the system of thought and local customs.

My proposals ⇒

My expertise

Moderate and Analyze

From interviews, focus group, practice in context, I analyze daily behavior and common sense.

Deep understanding of consumer attitudes, perceptions, motivations, imagination, symbolic, practice.

It is a strategic process to identify insights, opportunities for growth, optimization and creativity.

My approach ⇒

For more information, contact me : + 33 6 81 35 61 91