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Sandrine Prevot

Consumers Research

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Qualitative Research

Understanding what are the meanings for the consumer, and how we can change behavior or perception.

Studies combine analytical rigor and empirical investigation.

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Our methodology

Ethnographic interviews: To be closer to the consumer's reality. To remain away from a group influence.

Focus group: Groups are moderate with a rational and projective mode. Group dynamics bring out imagination and creativity

Your market research is done, segmentation and target are determined : my qualitative research help you to undestand underlying motivations, practices and emerging uses. It helps you create, optimize or test a product, service and concept.

Depending on your needs, your problems and your philosophy, different studies are possible.

Explore, Innovate

Research on a consumption sector or a product category (for example children care, gardening, beauty products). To get real insight, you need to undestand what the product means for the consumer.

  • Increasing your understanding of consumer / user: identification of uses, imagination, emotional and expectations.
  • Identifying areas of innovation (new products, positioning, speeches and insights) - A key strategic benchmark.

Optimize, evaluate

Tests concepts, communication, services, products, packaging (pre-tests and post-tests). To understand the perceptions of individuals, the story tell by the products and the various communication media.

  • Testing the level of understanding, relevance, adhesion, novelty, attractiveness and positioning relative to competition.
  • Determining areas of improvement.

Evaluate a brand image, to renew

Exploring the brand identity, the interpretation. To understand what the brand tells about itself, its history and its perceptions.

  • Testing the legitimacy and trust of the brand, plus its character.
  • Determining the potential of the brand, its territories and potential innovation axes.

Understand the international market : cultural audit

Cultural audit helps you To understand the fundamentals of an another society.

Cultural audit presents a analysis of values, social relations, and technical know-how

  • It enables you to increase your knowledge on the different markets and the suitability of the product / service on the local market.
  • It helps you to adapt your marketing and communicational strategy.
  • In order to look for new products which remain coherent with local culture.

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